Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring Babies

It seems like there are little babies starting to come out and about all over these days.

There was the little deer that came by the kitchen about 2 weeks ago.

Then the turkey brought her flock of poults by for some foraging.  

Then the lone duckling catching the first morning sun with it's mother.

Then the young turtle basking on a log (about the size of two silver dollars).

The froglets, many still with their tadpole tail
For size reference, these are a child's hands
Then just today, the Chickadee fledgling getting fed by it's attentive parents in the front yard.


  1. Catch that non-native turtle and bring it into Sean at EBV.

  2. My turtle catching skills are no where near you and Sean! There were a pack of the sliders there. I've got some photos of the "parents" a few logs over. Huge! They were sharing log space with WPT, so hopefully the native ones are holding their own.


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