Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween - Wildlife Cam Style!

In previous years, I've noticed some marks on our Jack-O-Lanterns, and they've been moved around. I had my suspicions who the culprits might be. This year I put a couple of wildlife cams on the carved pumpkins. I also left the seeds inside the pumpkins, added a few other enticing household items, and didn't carve out the top to make it harder to get into. I got this video the second night out.

I don't think the culprits are surprising, but seeing the whole family was a treat.  

As a side note, you can see the white flash occasionally in the video, it is from a separate cam taking still shots.  The raccoons seem completely unperturbed by the light.  Here are some of the still shots (please ignore the time stamp month and time).  


  1. Little trouble makers. Yeah don't seem to care at all about the white flash. Outside of the occasional coyote I have found few that do.

  2. Nicely done. Such opportunists. And very healthy looking, too.

  3. Btw - next year you def need to put a vid cam inside a pumpkin looking out. :)

  4. Great idea RT! Hm, it's not Halloween yet ;)


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